I published a small command overview (cheat sheet) for md5sum on my site:

md5sum Command Overview (Cheat Sheet)



What Aliases Are

Here is a short introduction to aliases in case you have not idea what they are:

An alias is simply a different name for a specific command line command. You can call an alias like any other program and the shell will then replace the alias with the command it represents.

If you find yourself typing”aptitude” a lot you could, for example, define an alias “a” for this command instead. Now, instead of typing

aptitude install <package>

you just need to type

a install <package>

Bash will recognize that the command a is really just an alias that stands for “aptitude” and therefore replace a with “aptitude”. You could make your like even easier by assigning an alias “ai” to the command “aptitude install”. Then, when typing

ai <package>

bash will notice that the command “ai” is really just an alias for “aptitude install” and replace “ai” accordingly. Therefore, the command that bash will execute is:

aptitude install <package>

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Gnome3 has the annoying habbit of turning off the monitor after a while, even if you are watching a video. Unfortunately, if you go to

System Settings > Screen

you will be surprised that if offers you the possibility to change the time the system has to be idle for the monitor to be turned off from 1 minute to 1 hour. But what is missing is an option to turn this function off entirely.

Fortunately, it is possible to do that, just not in System Settings and you can either do that from command line or with a GUI.

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When using a virtual machine in VirtualBox you might want to switch to a different console by hitting


where <n> stands for the number of the console you want to access (like Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get a text console and Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back to your X session).

Unfortunately, key combinations with Ctrl+Alt like the mentioned Ctrl+Alt+F<n> or Ctrl+Alt+Del will not be sent to the guest operating system. Continue reading »